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Maxwell Enterprises

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Maxwell Enterprises

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Welcome to Maxwell Enterprises

Maxwell Enterprises is leading manufacturer for PVC shrink sleeves and Authorised Distributor for Industrial Automation Products company based in Nashik since Year 2000. We Manfacturer PVC shrink sleeves of best quality produced by fine grade ingredients that are highly appreciated by our customers. We are also Authorised Distributor for Fuji Electric Systems Co. Ltd‚ Idec and Meanwell Enterprises Co. Ltd. For their full range of automation products. The core products are : PVC shrink sleeves Also PID Temperature Controller‚ Process Controller‚ Paperless Recorder‚ Ac Variable Freq. Drive‚ PLC, Touch Screen‚ SMPS‚ Dc to Dc converter‚ Adaptor‚ Relay‚ Safety Switches and Control Switches 8‚ 10‚ 12‚ 16‚ 22.5 mm. We have been in the business for over 11 years and understand that the customer is increasingly looking for technical innovations and high quality products at a competitive price. Our association with Fuji Electric‚ IDEC‚ Meanwell will assure our customers of global expertise‚ extensive knowledge‚ the best quality products and services with our vast industry experience. Sleeve for Bus Bar Maxwell sleeve provides perfect insulation to bus bar of low tension systems in control panels and switchgear systems. • STANDARD COLORS : Red, Yellow, Blue and Black (all-opaque) • RANGE AVAILABLE : Width : 17 mm to 230mm Thickness : 0.17 mm to 0.4 mm • TOLERANCES : Width : ± 1 mm. Thickness : ± 0.02 mm.up to 0.2 mm., ± 0.05 mm.above 0.25 mm • SHRINK RATIO : Machine Direction : 10% ± 5% Transverse Direction : 45% ± 5% Shrink Temperature : 120°C Standard Length : 50 / 100 meters Shelf Life : 6 months, stored below 25°C § Sleeve for Capacitor Maxwell sleeve for Electrolytic Capacitors are used externally for necessary insulation to the capacitors. A variety of sleeve from very small and narrow ones to broad ones are produced as per customer’s requirement. It is available in various colors. ADVANTAGES: Physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation at break , water absorption are guaranteed. Electrical properties such as insulation are guaranteed. Improvement on impact resistance is made so that the sleeved condensers are not broken when fall from heights. It is available in various colors. • RANGE AVAILABLE: Width : 10 mm.to 150mm. Thickness : 0.07 to 0.2 mm. • TOLERANCES : Width : ± 1mm. Thickness : ± 0.02 mm. • SHRINK RATIO : Machine Direction : 15% ± 5% Transverse Direction : 45% ± 5% Shrink Temperature : 80°C to 150°C • STANDARD LENGTH : 50 / 100 / 200 meters § Sleeve for Dry Cell Batteries Maxwell sleeve is widely used for insulation of Dry Cell Batteries. It is high quality sleeve which can meet in particular speed of automatic sleeve applicator machines. For quality stability, particular attention is given to chemical , thermal and electrical resistance. Maxwell Sleeve is used internally for making the battery cells leak proof. It is also used externally for twin or multiple pack of battery Cells ADVANTAGES : Good insulation is imparted to Battery Cells. Efficiency of Battery Cell is increased as leakage is prevented. Protection against damage due to leakage of corrosive chemicals from Cell to expensive equipments in which Batteries are used. • RANGE AVAILABLE : Internal use – UM1, UM2, UM3, UM3d (D, C AA & AAMJ) or R-20, R-14, R-6 & R-6 Heavy Duty • TOLERANCES : Width : ± 0.5 mm Thickness : ± 0.01 mm. • SHRINK RATIO : Machine Direction : 15% +/- 5% depending upon sizes . Transverse Direction : 50% +/- 3% depending upon sizes. Standard Length : 500 / 750 meters.

Contact Name Subhash Rakibe
Designation CEO
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Maharashtra 422010
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Join Date 2012-04-09 00:01:24
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Maxwell Enterprises
Maharashtra, India
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